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IPS Payment Suite
Utilizing any or all of the IPS Payment Suite products along with IPS leading service and support team will result in reduced implementation, installation, training, maintenance and production costs. IPS has eliminated the needless complexity and hidden costs prevalent in so much payment software today. Come and join the growing number of companies that are standardizing on IPS payment software.

C.O.D.32 (Checks on Demand!®)



C.O.D. 32 (Checks On Demand!)®

Laser Check Writing Software
A simple, effective and secure payment management solution

For printing checks or forms from one central location to distributed printing at remote sites!

Payroll, Accounts Payable, Treasury Managers!

Save Money, Time, and Worries
You can now print your checks while you write them securely, using your own PC and desktop laser printer saving time and money with every check you print! Because it works with your current accounting, payroll or other payment software, IPS' C.O.D. 32 (Checks on Demand!®) MICR check printing software has all the information you're used to, along with your custom logo, pertinent bank information, and even signatures imprinted if you wish.

From Blank Printed one pass on your laser printer!

Full Integration With Your Accounting Software
Whether your disbursement requirements are Accounts Payable, Payroll, Claims, T&E, Dividends, EOBs, Expense or Trust checks, C.O.D. 32 readily integrates with your payment files providing greater flexibility than contemporary payment methods.

Access To Dozens Of Check And Forms Templates
Select the template or templates that best meet your needs. All templates for check printing meet both ANSI and ABA requirements.

Full Security For Each User
Assign each user his or her own password and level of access to each function of C.O.D. 32.

Unlimited Number of Company And Bank Accounts
Print checks for multiple companies without changing check stock. Set up new bank accounts in minutes with full control over signatures, logos and other sensitive information. Print checks for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Claims and more!

On Screen List Of All Checks
Verify to make sure you are printing just the checks you want.

Full Featured Sorting
Print any check(s) in any order you want.

You Control All Check Printing
Print individual checks or a batch to any MICR printer on your network, whether local or remote.

Print Non-Negotiable/File Copies
Print copies of your checks with full security to any printer you want.

Security Controlled Over Re-Prints
Allow only authorized users access to reprinting of damaged checks with full audit trail tracking.

You Control Your MICR Line Setup
Graphical user interface showing MICR characters and required MICR line placement. You can adjust your MICR line printing by individual printer and even print a MICR Gauge to check MICR alignment.

Encrypted Data Files, Signatures and Logos
All data files are encrypted when imported into C.O.D. 32. Signatures and logos are also encrypted.

E-mail Notification
Generate e-mail payment or remittance notifications to employees and vendors.

View and Print Reports
Print reports on check and voucher activity and set up information.

Audit And Activity Log
View and filter check activity by date, user name, company, application type, bank, check number and payee.

Check Trace
Micro printing of data on your check to help against check fraud. You can still verify your original check information even if the check has been altered.

Security Key(s)
Special access keys are provided to prevent unauthorized use.

Software Security Lockout
Locks out all unauthorized users who try to enter the system after three unsuccessful attempts.

Optional Features
Add options to your system.

- Make Logo
- Custom Check Sorting
- Form Editor
- Printing of Special Messages
- Manual Checks
- Electronic Payments/ACH
- Postnet Barcodes
- Export a File Containing Check Data
- Second Paper Tray Overflow

Operating Environment
IPS laser check writing software can be configured to run from a single user to enterprise wide systems on Windows® 2000, XP Home & Professional, VISTA, Windows® 7.

Your software is backed by a full 90 day warranty and the industry's leading service and support team. A variety of maintenance programs are available to suit your corporate needs.

C.O.D. works with these other IPS products: DoubleCheck Positive Pay Software, ACHieve! Electronic Payment Software (formats including: CCD, CCD+, PPD, PPD+, CTX)

"IPS offers a full line of MICR toner and printers, security checks stock, digitized signatures and logos. Products can be ordered through our web site, by fax, by e-mail or telephone, ensuring that you'll have the quality supplies necessary for your payment needs."






IPS Payment Suite, Laser Check Printing, Checks On Demand, DoubleCheck, & ACHieve - Mission Statement :: IPS Boston

The easy-to-use positive pay software from IPS of Boston

Fight Check Fraud with DoubleCheck™
Check fraud costs U.S. businesses, banks and consumers billions of dollars a year. In fact, a million fraudulent checks are presented for payment EVERY day. There is a simple solution that prevents most check fraud losses. It's called positive pay.

What is Positive Pay?
Positive pay is an automated check-matching service offered by most banks. It's an excellent defense against check forgers and an integral part of every corporate fraud-prevention plan. The trick however, is putting your check files in the format required by your bank. Since there is no standard format for positive pay, every bank has its own unique format, sometimes multiple formats! And while this reformatting can be difficult, there is a solution.

DoubleCheck Software
DoubleCheck is "Check Issue File Reformatting" Software developed by IPS of Boston. DoubleCheck reformats your check files from your accounting software and transmits those files to your bank. Files can also be received from your bank letting you match open and cleared checks. DoubleCheck even provides a standard output file that you can reformat for uploading to your accounting software.

Here's How it Works
After a simple one-time set up, each time you issue checks, that same check file is sent to DoubleCheck. With just one click, DoubleCheck automatically creates a positive pay file from that check file in your bank's required format. This file contains all the data your bank requires about each check you issued, including date, account number, dollar amount and check number. This reformatted file is then transmitted to your bank, via a direct modem connection, Email or secure web site. It's that simple!

Catch the Bad Ones
Now comes the good part. As each check is individually presented to your bank for payment, it is compared to the positive pay file you previously sent to the bank. Any discrepancy flags that check as suspect. Your bank can then notify you to determine the appropriate action.

Designed to Work With YOUR Bank and YOUR Accounting Software
DoubleCheck accepts check files from virtually all major accounting systems and spreadsheets running on a mainframe, network, desktop or web platform. Hundreds of bank formats are contained in its library with new downloadable formats being added every day.

- Security database encrypts and stores up to 10 million records
- Installation Wizards help simplify the one time set up process
- On-line help with Email and/or Toll Free technical support (optional)
- Create files to interface with your bank's check imaging system
- Downloadable updates
- Enterprise version also available for networked or remote locations
- Over a dozen reports available using IPS Reports on Demand!TM

DoubleCheck Communications: "The Power of Positive Linking"
After a simple one time set up, DoubleCheck's built in communications software can transmit to your bank via modem, Email or Internet. Contact your Bank Representative or log on to our web site and "check" us out today!

Works Well with Others
The DoubleCheck system can be used standalone with any accounting software or as part of the IPS laser check printing system, Checks on Demand® (C.O.D.). The same encrypted print file used by the C.O.D. laser check system can be used by DoubleCheck to generate a positive pay file for transmission to your bank. The combination of C.O.D. laser check printing and DoubleCheck positive pay protection gives you one of the most powerful anti-fraud systems available anywhere!

Pays for Itself
In many cases, the DoubleCheck system can pay for itself with just one fraud detection. Why wait? Take a positive step today toward a fraud-free payment system with DoubleCheck from IPS of Boston. Visit our Web site at or call us at (508) 923-7390 for immediate assistance.

Benefits Include:
- Peace of mind
- An affordable alternative
- Easy to learn
- Quick implementation
- Reduced transmission times
- Easily adapts to new technology and bank requirements
- Helps conform to UCC requirements
- Significantly reduces exposure to fraud
- Enhances your relationship with your bank
- Simple, Effective, Secure™

- Automatically installs from CD-ROM
- Includes large library of bank positive pay formats (including all IPS Bank Partners)
- Ability to add manual checks
- Records voided checks
- Allows you to flag and hold selected checks
- Import File Format Wizard for simple one time set up
- Automatically imports check file(s)
- Quickly view totals with Summary Report page
- Automatically tests for duplicate checks
- Multiple levels of system security
- Void previously processed checks
- Ability to remove checks
- Audit trail records all activity for tight security
- Multiple banks and accounts supported
- Reports on Demand!™ reporting software
- "Uncreate" positive pay files
- Edit positive pay items before processing

System Requirements
- Windows® 2000, XP Home & Professional, VISTA, Windows® 7
- 20 MB of free hard disk space, 128 MB of Ram
- Standard Modem or Direct Internet Access for file transmission


IPS Payment Suite, Laser Check Printing, Checks On Demand, DoubleCheck, & ACHieve - Mission Statement :: IPS Boston

Your software solution for
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Want to reduce your check processing cost? Why not use ACHieve!™ for all your electronic payments. ACHieve!™ is a scalable software product from IPS that will work with any accounting system large or small.

With ACHieve!™ you can:

  • Streamline your payment process.

  • Reduce your costs associated with printing, handling and mailing checks.

  • Produce payroll and/or T&E direct deposits.

  • Notify employees via e-mail of their direct deposits.

  • Create electronic payment files. (For employees vendors and all paymet needs)

  • Notify trading partners via e-mail of what invoices you have processed for payment.

  • Process electronic payments, vouchers and e-mail notification from a single file.

  • Produce print outs of your electronic payments.

Standard features include:

  • Processing electronic payments, vouchers and e-mail notification from a single file.

  • Process EFT payments for an unlimited number of banks and bank accounts.

  • View the current status of all EFT payments including unprocessed, processed, sent, held, or pre-notification.

  • Review and correct any electronic payment file before you send it to your bank.

  • Create manual entries for EFT payments and pre-notification transactions.

  • Security includes password protection, audit trail with user activity and encrypted data files.

  • Print summary or detail reports on user activity, bank setup and all EFT payment information.

  • A built in communications package is also included, making the sending of your bank files a simple process.

  • ACH Formats - PPD, PPD+ CCD and CCD+ are included with ACHieve! (Additional EFT formats are also available)

You can even add ACHieve!™ to our check printing software to provide the most complete payment system available today.






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